Thursday, June 28, 2012

The beauties of Venezia

Venice. Ah Venice. I reckon I've pinched myself more in 2 weeks than my entire life put together. Europe is so special in its European ways. The natural beauties of the Austrian alps. The 800 years + of buildings and magnificent architecture of Venice. To think that these buildings were built on many many hundreds of islands then to have the water rise to create what is Venice today!
We took the overnight train from Salzburg to Venice, arriving nice and early to head to the Novotel.
Two days were spent walking and getting lost in the heart of Venice with dinners (as advised to eat out in Mestre for much more quality and authentic food) in restaurants in Mestre (with the help of Trip Advisor).
Of course being gluten intolerant, I was a bit weary of what I'd be able to eat but with the endless amounts of granite, gelato, olives, Italian cold cuts, risotto, cheeses, wines and then glutenfree pasta, I was fulfilled. What was most amazing was the seafood on offer in Venice.
The highlight was definitely Conte Sconta in Mestre on our final night. Not having any glutenfree pastas or pizzas, I opted for the grilled cuttlefish as well as Salad No.9 (rockets, Parmesan slabs, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers). When the cuttlefish came out, I almost had a food coma on the spot!

You could taste the freshness of the seafood, killer prawns and scallops complete with a flame!

The beauty of Venice itself is indescribable. Even without the water, it would be beautiful but the water just makes it that much more unique. Getting off the bus into Piazalle Roma from Mestre, I was greeted with souvenir shops/huts (of course) but walking past that, there was the water, the small canals, the gondoliers, water taxis and bridges from one side to the next, mottled colored buildings adorned with balconies and flowers on the window sills.
We decided to just walk and get lost (as lame as it sounds) but it was way better than a map.
We eventually jumped on a gondolier (how can you not!), also caught a public gondola, a normal public boat and soaked up what Venice had to offer.
San Marco Square is phenomenal. The Rialto Bridge was awesome to sail under. I felt like I was in the movie The Tourist!

A most enjoyable 2 days in Venice filled with vibrant colors, food, wine and just soaking up the culture.

I'm still loving Verona the most on this trip and that is the very reason I'm back on a train to get to Verona :-)

With love and grace from an excited 24 year old,



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